Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Judd Apatow Takes Over Vanity Fair for a Gender-Balanced Comedy Issue

Vanity Fair has handed the editing reigns of their current issue to comedy mogul Judd Apatow.  There are three covers, all of which feature a total of 12 actors and actresses.

A few observations...

It's very gender balanced, 6 women and 6 men -- one issue has 3 women and 1 man, another has 3  men and 1 woman and another has 2 men and 2 women.  It's balanced!

There are only two people who are not white, but that's practically extreme diversity for a magazine like Vanity Fair.

Must the only non-thin woman,  Melissa McCarthy, be portrayed in such a clown-like way while ALL of the other women are "sexy"?

She's hidden in the back in a hideous outfit, and although it's a nod to Lily Tomlin's character Edith Ann, it's irritating to see a larger woman standing out in a less flattering way.

A lot of feminist critiques were not happy with her portrayal in Bridesmaids for a similar reason.  On the other hand, why must all of the other women be sexy?  Do we have to be funny AND sexy?  Are we ever allowed to just be goofy or funny without it being a comment on or reflection of our sex appeal?

But I digress...I've seen this posted on various other websites and many people are acting all shocked and confused to see Megan Fox on the cover.  News flash: She has a supporting role in an up-coming Judd Apatow film, This is 40.  And sorry to disappoint the haters, but she's actually getting really good reviews for her comedic performance on Rotten Tomatoes. A special behind the scenes feature focused on Megan Fox and her scenes made me laugh more than any of the other actors.

The other issues have some funny dudes on here that just don't make sense to me. Jerry Seinfeld, Ben Stiller and Jim Carrey?  They're funny, but not exactly the most relevant comedians of the day.

I am so happy that Amy Poehler made it on here.  She's like a funny, supportive big sister.

I don't read Vanity Fair, but nevertheless, I would have liked to have seen Mindy Kaling and Rebel Wilson on the cover too.  You can read about the issue and the idea behind the cover theme at Vanity Fair.

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